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Sports team player James Nike Air Max Lebron VII Boots 2010-01-16 10:40:49 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Qianlong] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network on January 16 hearing, following adidas shoes and many other cards have been on the exposure they were about to be held in Dallas, Texas in 2010 All-Star Game of the Eastern Conference passion collision After and Western Union team to create a special edition sneaker, overwhelmed by the turn of NIKE All-Star Week ample time, at least one of the two stars they owned had been a strong attack. Shown in this Nike Air Max Lebron VII, it is Cheap air jordan 12 ovo NIKE LeBron? Customized one sneaker James led the Western Conference All-Star team tailor. This pair of shoes with mud guard and toe Flora in wood material production, while the remaining part of the upper and outsole are decorated in blue, while standard hook, fly line just wire, midsole, laces and ankle lining all appeared black. Maybe these shoes can proudly announce themselves: "Do not just LBJ VII 'dunk persons' (Dunkman)". Related news& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas Olympic advertising exposure during the Olympics is quite high, but the high frequency of advertising bombardment did not get the desired good results. The reason is quite contr cheap jordans for sale mens oversial in this advertisement. Online evaluation of this advertisement is good and bad, today. Adidas With this advertising on the Internet has been to be "cursed" notoriety, it is an indisputable fact. No shortage of brand awareness for the need to enhance the reputation and loyalty of Adidas, it is a bit counterproductive. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas ad production intention is to reflect the love and support of the majority of national athletes, we unite, unite, create new history and miracles, the interpretation of Adidas "no impossible, "the core brand idea, but the unexpected fall of the majority of Internet users," Curse door "- apply A cheap jordans for sale didas advertising slogan -" not impossible "ah. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; feelings about this ad, many netizens used the word "hell", "cold", "terror", "cult", "strange", "Ghost" and other negative vocabulary to describe, especially on the final picture: A back Chinese athletes standing on the winner's podium, beneath the gray world of million head of save action, compliments waving hands in the air when a netizen with a " save the Queen Long live, "the description. The reason why there is this feeling, and this ad is a bit of visual performance and inherent cultural awareness of Chinese consumers have a strong contradiction due. Gray awareness in cheap jordan shoes for men China where the average consumer is death, unlucky and other negative feelings and emotions linked. It is the accumulation of thousands of years of Chinese culture in the minds of consumers in the map. This inherent cultural awareness, regardless of gender and age, whether or not Adidas target customers, is an objective reality. People are social and cultural products, even though Adidas target customers, no matter how rebellious and heterogeneous, they can not live in a vacuum inside the culture. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; When Adidas ad in gray to represent the virtual world, said in China's vast number of citizens, in this virtual world was consu Retro jordans for sale mer alienation as "hell", "hell", consumers mental door has been completely closed for Adidas, the Adidas brand spirit wanted to pass through advertising, brand concept in the consumer's mind closed gate driven to the wall, without success. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Some marketers argue that Adidas is so heterogeneous, as long as it's target customers like on the line, do not like this ad may not Adidas target customers, so they opposition does not matter. This argument really was a bit naive. Ambitious and want to achieve in the Chinese market in 2010 sales exceeded one billion euros the grand goal of Adidas speaking, you can not rely on their "he Retro jordans for sale avy consumers" (HEAVY USER) - Customers who bought several times a year Adidas, potential customers and competitors to snatch from their customers is very important. How to get those potential customers and competitors who identify with their brand spirit and brand culture is essential, otherwise the customer will definitely not pocket. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In comparison, the same as Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola's practices to be smarter than that. Its Olympic advertising, though a bit cheesy - is still red curry favor with Chinese consumers and festive atmosphere, but at least does not cause people's resentment and displeasure, its advertising a cheap jordans online nd negative words, there is no emotional connection. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Another puzzling is that Adidas Orangemen favorite. Of course, Adidas is the sponsor of the national football, unwilling to let his money after bad. For "do not look Orangemen have N years" the majority of consumers, Adidas in the ad to arrange the Orangemen played in the first, it is not a good role play. Negative comments online can be seen. Orangemen to the people concerned, has been unable to produce any positive, positive associations, can only give Adidas brand minus points. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a good advertisement advertisement icing on the cake for the whol Cheap air jordans for sale e song could. Finally, the end of the music, I like, like the majority of Internet users, but also to be commended. Although the song is a passionate, inspiring. But after listening to the entire Olympic sixteen days, or a bit incomprehensible, stunned one did not understand, he did not blame the music cells. If it is with the "hell" and "spell", I do not understand is pretty normal. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a bit of creative plus the controversial Aspect, will accelerate the spread of the Adidas brand. This may be the Adidas ad this piece of "wishful thinking." But Adidas really get it yet? Let us wait and see.These two days to prepare for the tr Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ip to Taiwan, the Internet do permit, execution of plum, H and colleagues Nike Achon provided I remember with a focus on the "drink" shirt below, and almost will in my house with the Nike shirt. The local weather forecast said there may be rain and temperature of about 20-27 degrees, should be good, hope the tail! the first time to Kaohsiung, in order to know this place, see some reports, said little more backward than Taipei, but I convinced myself not First impressions are strongest. This time to visit Sole Agent, to experience the way of Taiwan's Kicks Lounge, feel the interaction between all the local people and things, less chances cheap foamposites with the local shoe fan exchange collection of shoes experience and habits, of course, on the basketball sports view. Via: Nike simple taste, deep color and gorgeous texture - fall winter season, with these three points as standard, choose a single product is always wrong. If you want to color out the details, take a look at France's flagship minimalist fashion brand, A.P.C., in its new and exclusive accessories this autumn and winter. such as dark brown, grey brown, black, navy blue and other colors, a single product in an elegant and quiet posture, is in line with A.P.C. has always been low-key temperament. At the same time, with simple design grade to convey practical concepts, I believe that more fans will be unable to resist the vast number of A.P.C. fans. Leather products are made of dyed grain and made of high quality leather, while nylon products are made of durable nylon clip. Many of the skins are even equipped with a resin coated interior, while the inside of the wallet contains a soft cotton mixing layer. Single products are now on the shelves, interested friends may wish to pick each other's love. {div style=" text-align: center" 〉The new Rink Rebels series will also be ice hockey, inspired by both ruthless offensive characteristics, and reference designs and patterns of Classic Hockey apparel, use more tailoring to traditional design, produce a variety of shirts in cotton vest the fall and winter clothing. In addition, the new series also uses the snakeskin, team logo and stripes pattern, further out of ice hockey at any cost to win the spirit. In addition to autumn and winter clothing, the new series will also Boost and Tubular shoes re configuration, to more avant-garde design to reflect the Adidas Originals eternal classic spirit of originality.The new cooperative short film aims at greeting Compton (Lamar's hometown) and expressing the common perspective of Reebok Classic and Kendrick Lamar. "Reebok Classic Presents Kendrick Lamar" this short film, by the famous director Anthony Mandler director, the shooting site specially selected for the Lamar important scene. The film shows a series of distinguished people who graduated from Centennial high school (Lamar's alma mater) to pay homage to me. The young people's experience in the short film encourages the new generation of young people to find their own way, fearless and difficult, and march forward courageously. Video Script penned by Kendrick complete expressive poems "Kendrick Lamar - I AM" let the people feel excited, this is Kendrick from the heart for Compton's odes.