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[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] According to "Youth Daily" reported that Liu Jingdong network by purchasing two pairs of Nike shoes, when delivery, there are actually a pair of Anta, complaints to the Jingdong network also did not get a satisfactory long process . "Youth Daily", "the old law to help you busy" interactive rights hotline after the interview, Jingdong network acknowledged mistakes in the work, but the processing has not yet satisfied customers. Counsel pointed out that the site of su Retro jordans for sale spected fraud sales, according to "Consumer Protection Law" stipulates that the subject should be based on a pair of Nike shoes for 100% compensation. The lawyers say the reporter notices Jingdong network, so do not want to deal with the aftermath he insists. Consumers said Jingdong Mall "very disappointed." online shopping, "Nike" actually becomes "Anta" April 7 afternoon, Mr. Liu Jingdong net buy Nike sneakers to lower the price of 649 yuan per pair of single-pairs, a pair of red color, a pair of black co Cheap air jordans for sale lor. After online payment is fully paragraph, Jingdong network commissioned express delivery. Contrary to his expectation that, after he insisted Express agreed to let him re-sign the first inspection when, although the two pairs of shoes boxes were marked as Nike, but the two boxes, only a pair of shoes black Nike sports shoes, another pair is Anta sports shoes. Liu said, he immediately photographed, and asked to sign only a pair of shoes, courier backward Jingdong network referrals says, or two pairs of sho cheap foamposites es are the sign, or two pairs of shoes have to take back. After a stalemate for a while, he insists will get back all of two pairs of shoes. When the courier will take the shoes, he told the right direction Jingdong network messenger: Jingdong network sales department selling so deal him compensation. Liu told reporters that the courier left, he had not received a reply Jingdong network initiative. He then contact Jingdong network, the other to take the wrong shoes said, is willing to send you a replacement, cheap jordans online but due to his original red color and style shoes and black shoe styles are out of stock, it can not be shipped. "If you insist on keeping the courier would take the shoes back, we are at least a pair of shoes satisfaction, did not expect to get back to the shoe courier, a pair are gone." Mr. Liu said, he responded very surprised to Jingdong network, while leaving He is difficult to accept that after they did not agree, Jingdong network would require them to accept the return process, "so we can promise you dea cheap jordans for sale mens l with the aftermath?" In this way, there is no promise Liu Jingdong network requirements, Mr. Liu Jingdong network also did not agree to the request, stalemate, Mr. Liu call the newspaper, "the old law to help you busy" interactive rights hotline. Jingdong willing to redeliver refused to compensate April 15 afternoon, this "old Luo help you busy" interactive rights section Jingdong network reporter contacted the customer service hotline, job number 36018 staff said authorities would like to reflect upon Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping to respond. Thereafter, the reporter received a reply Jingdong network responsible people, the other argues that, probably because of staff negligence, not the shoes with the box "condemnation", only appeared when Liu receipt, a pair of Nike shoes Anta shoe box filled with case on this situation, the company apologize to Mr. Liu is willing to re-shipped, but Liu set by that paragraph red Nike shoes really no goods (in this case said black Nike shoes stock), even if delivery, only Send two pairs of Nike shoes th cheap jordan shoes for men e same color. After negotiations, Liu accepted, "Honestly, I do not agree, however, that there is no red Jingdong network of Nike shoes, I do not agree." Mr. Liu said he reluctantly accepted this request Jingdong network However, for a compensable back one of his requests, Jingdong network still does not agree. April 16, Jingdong network responsible people when responding to reporters, said the site does not agree to back one lose one, the measures taken is to redeliver Mr. Xiang Liu, goods are black Nike s Retro jordans for sale neakers. April 23, the reporter contacted Liu, he said after a reporter contacted Jingdong Mall, received the other side sent two pairs of black Nike sneakers, a pair of size but does not comply with the original purchase, return to go after yet send goods receive other again. Jingdong network to deal with the aftermath, he said: "very disappointed." Lawyers say Jingdong should lose a pair of shoes Shanghai Shen Chun Zhao Xinghai law firm lawyers believe that the website selling the packaging and not th Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e same kind of shoes, if not the customer requests the first inspection after receipt, it may ??????? suffering not to say. For such sales, Zhao Xinghai believe the alleged fraud, according to "Consumer Protection Law" stipulates that shipments should continue at the same time, another part of the fraudulent sales for 100% punitive damages. That is, while the customer is buying two pairs of Nike shoes, but not the only one pair of Nike shoes, businesses should be the price of these shoes for 100% compensation. cheap jordans for sale (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)the first year a total of 5 double color for sale, including the first Olympic inspired color, Michael Jordan himself won the Olympic gold medal in 1992, together with the United States in its "dream team", this pair of Olympic colors of Air Jordan 7 is only a pair of heels for the number "9" (Jordan national team number) color, the shoes are the number 23". When the 〉 in 2010 in order to meet the "worldM1300 NEW BALANCE has played the most popular one thousand lines throne, its trump card-like status has never wavered, thanks to five years in addition to sword M1300???????, there are a lot of attention has been color make this model was in the best box office force. examples like this year's autumn and winter quarters M1300GN, gray and navy blues interspersed together, the proportion of color and detail colors are relatively appropriate benefits, equipped M1300 CLASSIC series in the ENCAP cushioning system, the level of detail even ENCAP and keep up after CR NB Logo also presented in the same navy blue, now Login Feature Sneaker Boutique shelves for sale, we believe it will set off a craze, MISS it! Source: Feature & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Fila will launch a new "volcanic rock" series in May 1st, this series will include MB and Mindbender two models of shoes. Shoes are black, white and red collocation shows the shoe body to show the design theme of volcanic rocks, the MB is following the first year engraved and oneness joint cooperation in the third paragraph of color, is a new color, and Mindbender is 1994 shelves since the first engraved, retro appearance design is quite potential. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: sneakernews